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Executive Functioning Coaching

  • Support for neurodivergent children, adolescents, and adults: ADHD, executive functioning challenges, processing difficulties, specific learning disorders

  • Help with self-organization, time management, prioritization, task initiation, harnessing motivation, and managing social/emotional factors that can affect these

  • Specialty in supporting writing difficulties and self-organization within the writing process

  • Experience supporting college and graduate admissions essay writing, and navigating the specific mental roadblocks that arise here

Parent Coaching

  • Support for parents navigating developmental or family transitions, or other areas where they feel stuck 

  • Can be focused on a specific issue like responding to a challenging behavior, sleep or food difficulties, parenting through a major event in the family

  • Rooted in my background in human development and attachment research, including an understanding of how parents' own childhood experiences influence their experience of their children. There is no shortage of parenting advice and information out there these days… but by getting to know each parent & their background, I can help make sense of why it is hard to make use of tools you may already have in that particular situation-- and come up with thoughtful, individualized solutions.

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